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 The 14th Degree Scottish Rite Masons meet  in the Valley of Oil City, Penna. at the Masonic Hall 15 E. 1st St. Where they have continuously met since November 4, 1909.  Stated Communications the Second  Thursday of each month at 7:30 P.M.  Reunions are held 2nd Thursday in November and 4th Saturday in April.
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Oil City Masonic Hall - Laying of the cornerstone in 1901


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The Body of the Scottish Rite, sitting in the Valley of Oil City, State of Pennsylvania, acknowledges and yields allegiance to the Supreme Council, Thirty-Third Degree, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America, whose Grand East is  Lexington, Massachusetts and whose Officers are:
             Ill:  John William McNaughton, 33---Sovereign Grand Commander
             Ill:  Russell W. Baker, 33---Deputy for Pennsylvania

The mission of the 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Masons in Pennsylvania is to foster, support and amplify, through fraternal fellowship, those intangible qualities of trust, values, morals and pride taught in Symbolic Freemasonry,
to emphasize family life, and to provide outreach services within our communities.



The Venango Lodge of Perfection is a Masonic Organization, the Lodge of Perfection designates the 4th through 14th Degree in Scottish Rite Masonry, membership is made up of 3rd Degree Masons or Blue Lodge members from the area in Venango, Forest, Clarion, and Crawford County, Pa.                      

The Venango Lodge of Perfection is known as the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Valley of Oil City.  Subordinate to the Supreme Council A. A. S. R. of Freemasonry of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America, of the 33rd and last Degree in Freemasonry whose headquarters is in Lexington, Mass. 

Venango Lodge of Perfection was constituted on November 4, 1909. Charter Officers of the organization was Charles H. Lay, 33  Thrice Potent Master, Fred C. McGill, 32, Deputy Master, Harvey Fritz, 33, Senior Warden, and Cecil L. Griffin, 33,  Junior Warden.  All of the Charter Officers were noted Businessmen in this period. Charter was issued on September 22, 1910.  Within 6 years the organization had over 500 members and during the late 1950's had a membership of 2800 members. 

Throughout its History many prominent residents of the surrounding area have belonged to Venango Lodge of Perfection, many have been elevated to the 33rd Degree, the highest Honorary Degree conferred in Scottish Rite Masonry. Some of those men were, Harry J. Crawford of Emlenton, Pa. He was a Past President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Quaker State Oil Company, Lee A. McCracken who served as  President Judge of Venango County for over 28 years, Dr. Forest J. Bovard M. D. of Tionesta, Pa a noted physician, G. Mason Cochran a Presbyterian Minister in Oil City for many years, Richard L. Lockwood of Oil City former President of the National Transit Co, ,   and John A. Comet of Oil City, retired President of National Fuel Gas Co. During its long history a total of 75, 32nd Degree Masons have been elected to receive this Honorary Degree for distinguished service to the Community, Humanity, or Freemasonry. There are currently 16 members of Venango Lodge of Perfections 980 members that hold the 33rd Degree.  Since it was constituted November 4, 1909 over 6,110  men have belonged to this Noble Fraternity in the Valley of Oil City, Venango Lodge of Perfection,  Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite  of Freemasonry.

The goals and mission of the Venango Lodge of Perfection is Fraternal friendship and philanthropy to assist its members and mankind in general.   The Lodge of Perfection also gives Scholarships yearly to the sons and  daughters of Scottish Rite Members, also eligible to apply is members of Masonic Youth Groups, Rainbow Girls and Order of Demolay. 


   OFFICERS FOR YEAR 6/13/2013 TO 6/13/2014

THRICE POTENT MASTER---------------- Richard A. Palm, 32 Oil City
DEPUTY MASTER------------------------------ Gregory D. Knox, 32 Oil City
SENIOR WARDEN----------------------------- Daniel W. Plows ,32  Oil City
JUNIOR WARDEN----------------------------- Oil City
TREASURER------------------------------------- Russell H. Moore, 32 M.S.A Oil City 
SECRETARY------------------------------------- Gerald C. Cochran, 33  MSA Oil City
ORATOR------------------------------------------- Harvey J. Long, 32 Pleasantville
MASTER OF CEREMONIES--------------- Steve E. Amsler , 32 Knox
CAPTAIN  OF THE GUARD----------------- Brian J. Seely, 32 Cochranton 
HOSPITALER------------------------------------ Richard E. Pierce. 32 M.S.A Franklin 
TYLER---------------------------------------------- Donald G. McCartney, 32 Rouseville

Membership in Scottish Rite Masonry, 4th through 32nd Degrees, comes from the following Blue Lodges
or Symbolic Lodges of F & AM that meet in North Western Pennsylvania.   Location and meeting nights
as shown:

234 Meadville, 1st Thursday 
276 Brookville, 3rd Tuesday 
277 Clarion, 1st Monday
316 Franklin, 1st Monday
363 Oil City, 1st Tuesday
408 Meadville, 1st Monday
434 Sandy Lake, 2nd Thursday
483 Rouseville, 1st Wednesday
520 St. Petersburg, 1st Thursday  
521 Parker, 1st Monday
522 New Bethlehem, 1st Wednesday
536 Reynoldsville, 2nd Tuesday
547 Youngsville, 3rd Friday
550  Knox,   1st Tuesday 
557  Tionesta, 2nd Monday
603 Grove City, 3rd Tuesday
754  Titusville,  2nd Tuesday
790  Cochranton, 3rd Wednesday



Beginnings of American Freemasonry

Beginnings of American Freemasonry




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